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How to deposit online casino with Kcell

Making a deposit at an online casino with your Kcell phone number account is easy. Make sure you have enough money on your cell phone balance to recharge your casino account.

Just follow these simple steps :

  • Log in to your personal casino account
  • Select the BALANCE option
  • Select the DEPOSIT option
  • Select as a top up option the mobile operator Kcell
  • Choose the amount you want to recharge your casino account
  • Enter your cell phone number
  • A casino deposit authorization code will be sent to the number
  • Enter the code received on your cell phone number in the recharge window
  • Your cell phone balance will be charged and credited to your casino account within 15-60 seconds.

How to Withdraw Funds from an Online Casino to Kcell

  • Log in to your personal casino account
  • Select BALANCE
  • Select Withdraw Funds
  • Choose in the form of withdrawal option mobile operator Kcell
  • Choose the amount you want to withdraw from your casino account to your Kcell account
  • Enter your cell phone number
  • An authorization code will be sent to the number to withdraw your winnings
  • Enter the code received on your cell phone number in the recharge window
  • Cell phone balance will be recharged as soon as possible

Advantages of using Kcell

  • High-speed method of depositing a casino account
  • Can be used without additional applications and replenishment data – no need for credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies
  • Available for use from a mobile smartphone even when there is no high-speed Internet – as a rule, authorization of transactions is made through SMS messages

Disadvantages of using Kcell

  • Using the cell phone number account of this operator is only available in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Deposit casino account, withdrawal of winnings are available for small amounts

Kcell JSC provides mobile voice, short message and value-added services (VAS), such as multimedia messaging, access to mobile content, as well as data transmission services, including internet access in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The Company has two brands in the market: Kcell, which targets corporate customers (including government agencies) and Activ, which targets mass market subscribers. The company provides services through its extensive, high quality mobile network, which covers almost the entire territory of Kazakhstan.

In December 2012, the company successfully completed an offering of GDR (Global Depositary Receipts) on the London Stock Exchange and common shares on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. The price was set at 10.50 US dollars per GDR and 1,578.68 tenge per share, with one GDR corresponding to one share. The offering included the sale of 50 million shares corresponding to a 25% stake in Kcell’s share capital.

On December 21, 2018 Kazakhtelecom JSC acquired 75% of Kcell JSC shares owned by Telia Company and Fintur Holdings B.V.

Going forward, the company plans to continue investing in the development of its 3G/4G network to expand network coverage and provide high-quality communication services. “Kcell is committed to maintaining high standards of service in the mobile market by offering its products and services at competitive prices, expanding its range of products and services, maintaining the quality of its network and increasing the value of its brand.

We have selected for you the most popular USSD requests and presented them in the form of a convenient table*.

Request to another client for balance top up

Dial the number of the client the request is addressed to in the format *130*8ХХХХХХХХ#OK (free of charge)

Sending a callback request – *130#
Free of charge

Cancel all types of call forwarding – *002#
Free of charge

Tariff change – *166*1#
Free of charge

Check bonus balance – *123*3*2#
Free of charge

Check current tariff – *166*2#
Free of charge

Checking number registration – *562#
Free of charge

Second line connection – *43#
Free of charge

Auto Extra Balance – *911*4#
Get Extra Balance automatically whenever your balance reaches 100 tenge or less.

Check balance and bonuses – *100#
Free of charge

Subscription to “Hidden number identifier” service – *700#
19 tenge/day subscription fee

Check balance and package remainder – *111*3#
Free of charge

Registration, re-registration, de-registration of device – *660#
Device reregistration – *660*3#
Device registration – *660*1#
Checking device registration – *660*2#
Unregister your device – *660*4#
Selecting language – *000#
then choose from the list Kazakh, Russian, English, or Uzbek (free of charge)

Your number – *114#
Free of charge

Balance of debt – *911#
You can borrow an amount from 250 to 2000 tg. Service cost starts from 50 tenge

Cancel of all types of bans, blocking (e.g. outgoing SMS, incoming calls, outgoing calls abroad) – #330*0000#
Last number to hide – *556#
Price 200 tg

Connection of second line – *43#
Free of charge

Registration and re-registration of the number

Free of charge

Balance transfer request – *141#
Balance transfer request from 50 to 2000 tg. Service cost: from 30 to 60 tenge; the balance shall be deducted in the process of transfer

Balance transfer to another client – *143#
You may request balance transfer from 50 to 2000 tg. Service costs from 30 to 60 tg, the service fee is deducted in the process of transfer

Additional packages of GB, minutes and SMS – *888#
Free of charge

Internet package on credit – *912#
5-day Internet packages on credit: 500 MB for 499 tg, 1 GB for 699 tg, 2 GB for 999 tg and 5 GB for 1999 tg

Roaming: check, connection – *145#
Free of charge

Checking price of SMS to a short number

In order to check the cost of SMS sent to a short number, send a text with “?” sign to the number and wait for the reply SMS. The short number does not support price check, if you have not received a reply SMS. The cost of the check is 0 tenge.

Setting call forwarding if your phone is switched off or out of coverage area – **62*2050#
Setting unconditional call forwarding – **21*2050#
Check IMEI code of your phone – *#06#

This service is available in the Kcell application
Download the Kcell application for full access to all types of payments and transfers.



Ways to check balance and bonuses:
1. In your personal account on the website or in the Kcell mobile app;
2. 2. Dial *100# USSD command, press dial-up button;
3. Request the Advisor robot by texting “Balance” (by logging in to your personal account on the website or in the Kcell mobile app, in the Messages section, or by texting 9090 to the number 9090).

You can top up your balance in the following ways:
1. by bank card on the Kcell website or in the Kcell mobile app, in the “Finance” section and on the Home page. You will also be able to top up your balance after logging in to your personal account;
2. Another Kcell subscriber (a private person, with an advance payment form) can transfer money to you from his/her balance on the Kcell website or in the “Finances” section of the Kcell mobile application;
3. Using a payment card by dialing the USSD command:
*110*13-digit payment card code# and the dial-up button;
4. Payment terminals:
– QIWI Kazakhstan LLP – TM QIWI;
– Kaspi JSC Kaspi Bank;
– Kassa24 LLP Astana Plat – “TM Kassa 24”;
– and others;
5. Internet Banking:
– Kaspi Bank;
– Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan (Halyk Bank);
– Sberbank;
– and others;
6. In Kcell/activ stores.

You should contact the place where you purchased the card.

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