Lucky Aviator is a vibrant addition to the crash game genre, created in 2022. Its uncomplicated and instinctive gameplay, substantial payouts, and unparalleled rush of adrenaline make it an exceptional way to occupy your leisure time, providing unforgettable sensations and bountiful rewards.

A stylish aviator, soaring through the vast expanse of space on a rocket and calmly savoring a beverage, embodies the Lucky Aviator who can bring you an immense fortune through your winnings. Lucky Aviator is more than just a crash game; it’s the aspiration you’ve been pursuing for a long time, the very opportunity you’ve been eagerly anticipating. By not trying Lucky Aviator now, you could miss out on the chance for today to become the happiest day of your life.

Lucky Aviator
Developer : SDT
Release Date : 10 February 2023
Type : Videoslots
Volatility : N/A
Probability of winning : N/A
Max. winnings : x10000.00
Min. rate $, €, £ : 0.1
Max rate $, €, £ : 600
Playing field : N/A
Number of lines : N/A
Features and Benefits : Explosive Mechanics, Jackpot
Theme : N/A
Objects : Plane, Jumper
Genre : Crash Games
Mobile version : Yes
Technology : JS, HTML5


The essence of the game is that the player can make a bet of the selected size, and take the bet back, multiplied by any number. After starting the game the player sees the X coefficient, which grows from x1 to x30. At any time the player can click the “Cash Out” button and take his winnings. However, at any time the game can stop. If the player did not have time to take his winnings before the game is over – the player loses his bet.


Player has to specify the desired amount of bet and click “Bet” button. Bet will be accepted at the moment of game start. That is if player makes a bet at the moment when the game is already started – his bet will be made before the beginning of the next game. Until the moment of acceptance of the bet and the start of the game, the player has access to the button “Cancel”, which will cancel the bet. After the game has started – the bet cannot be cancelled.


The player can use the “Auto Cashout” mechanism by toggling the switch and specifying the desired cashout ratio. As soon as the X coefficient reaches the specified value – the prize will be automatically received.


Two identical game controls are available to the player. It means the player can lead essentially two games simultaneously in the right and left betting blocks: in each of them it is possible to place different sums, to make a cashout in one block earlier and the other one later, it is also possible to use the option “Auto-cashout” in one block, in the second one – not, etc.

FAQ about Lucky Aviator

No! If you did not make a cashout till the highest odds (30) – you will be automatically cashouted, you will get X30 bet.

With auto-cashout on, your button is automatically pressed when you reach the right number. Unfortunately on the Internet it takes some time for each message to pass, with a good connection it is 20-40 milliseconds. So your winnings are “picked up” a little later, not at an even number.

If your connection is restored while the game is in progress, you can collect your winnings. Otherwise, since you do not make the cashout – at the end of the game your bet will become a loser. Except the case when the maximum odds (30) are rolled.

List of odds and their probability of winning:
x30 : 0.02%
x25-x30 : 0.5%
x15-x25 : 1%
x10-x15: 2%
x5-x10 : 3%
x2-x5 : 30%
x1-x2 : all other games

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