I treat gambling as entertainment, so I do not really count on the fact that the money I win will be spent on current needs. No. Just for such entertainment I allocate a certain amount per month, usually $100-$500, and allow myself to lose it. Just as a smoker spends a certain amount on cigarettes per month, so do I spend on gambling. If I lose, it’s okay, I’ve said goodbye to this money inside, exchanging it for emotion.
And I’ll tell you what – Aviator is a very gambling and very emotional game!
You can really win in it, and I usually give my wife flowers or a new Louis Vuitton bag for the winnings, it all depends on how much I win. But don’t confuse winning at a casino with making money. Winning is about emotion and excitement. Earning is what you do five days a week. Good luck everyone!

Robert Rayan
Hotel's owner

As a player of the soccer team immediately decided to build a strategy game (I will not share)))
But here’s what allocated for myself a few points, playing in the Aviator five days:
You can play by strategy with a small bankroll.
No need to learn complicated rules, everything is simplified as much as possible.
● Exciting gameplay.
● There is an automatic mode, which facilitates the process, because you do not need to make bets manually every time.
● Live chat with other players. While having fun winning and chatting.
The latter people especially like. The game has a chat log, the ability to exchange emoticons. Also, users have access to statistics to study, which displays what bets were made and the size of winnings. It should be taken into account when using the strategy.

Francois Perez

Hello all, recently became acquainted with this funny thing in online casinos called game AVIATOR. The principle of the game here is very simple, make a bet and put the odds, as you can without the odds to play.
I must say that the game is just crazy gambling, I certainly have not lost a lot, just decided to fill in the deposit how much is not sorry and could afford))), well, just to try.
Of course I managed to raise a little effort, but unfortunately greed and gambling prevailed and I safely blew it all. For myself I realized that pripodoblya there in wholly realistic, but you want to tell more precisely to give advice.
There are only two rules
1) the deposit of at least $100 and if you managed to raise something, you may be in the black
2) Exit immediately, do not stay there long, there is a great possibility of losing the entire deposit.
Good Luck to you and as they say high You fly!

Ivan Petrov
Mom's friend's son

Games are designed to allow us to forget about the hustle and bustle. Saw a lot of recommendations on this game, that it is very good and should definitely play it, well, I played it and I think that the reviews of this game were slightly exaggerated or I just did not feel the game. Maybe I’m not as gambling as others.

Robert Karayan

A legendary game! I think if anyone hasn’t played it, they’ve heard of it a hundred percent.
I advise anyone who hasn’t played it yet to give it a try.

Kenneth Lee

I got acquainted with the game itself completely by accident. One day on YouTube I found a stream where a guy was playing the game online, and I was interested in the game. At first I thought it was a children’s game, and I didn’t plan to spend much time in it.
I recommend the game 100% to everyone, especially adults. Don’t let it seem silly or simple to you, because everything inside the game is much more complicated ))

Rebecca Richards

As you know, adults like to play different games just as much as children (and maybe even more). Here I am sharing with you my favorite games that I enjoy playing from time to time. If we talk about online games, I certainly recommend Aviator!

Chuck Atkins

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