Businessmen Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that they are ready to fight each other. The reason for the altercation between the businessmen was the reports that the director of products Meta* Chris Cox presented to other employees of the company the project of a competitor to Twitter – the application Threads. Musk, commenting on this information, said that the launch of such a platform would put humanity “exclusively under Zuckerberg’s heel.

Where can I bet on the fight Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg?


Musk’s Twitter follower remarked that the entrepreneur “should be careful” because the head of Meta* Zuckerberg is engaged in jujitsu and even participates in tournaments. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO replied, “I’m ready for a fight in a cage.


After a while, Zuckerberg posted a “story” on Instagram (owned by Meta*) with a screenshot of this track and the caption “Send me location” [A reference to the Khabib and Conor conflict].

Musk’s reaction was not long in coming: he offered The Octagon in Las Vegas, which is owned by the UFC mixed martial arts league.


A Meta* official confirmed to The Verge that Mark Zuckerberg is serious about a possible fight. The 51-year-old Musk is 12 years older than Zuckerberg, but he has an advantage due to his physical size. In addition, he said he was involved in “violent street fights” when he lived in South Africa.

Mark Zuckerberg, 39, is a serious martial artist who won two medals at a jiu-jitsu tournament in May. Musk will turn 52 at the end of June, and according to him, his athletic training is mostly about picking up his children and tossing them in the air. Musk also revealed that his favorite move is called the “walrus,” “I just lay on my opponent and do nothing.”

Musk vs Zuckerberg 3

Mutual criticism

Musk and Zuckerberg have been publicly criticizing each other since at least 2016.

  • Back then, Zuckerberg was outraged because a SpaceX rocket exploded, destroying a Facebook-owned satellite it was supposed to deliver into orbit.
  • A year later, Zuckerberg called Musk’s statements warning of the dangers of developing artificial intelligence “irresponsible. Musk said that Zuckerberg had a “limited” understanding of the subject at hand.
  • The two entrepreneurs have very different ideas about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). In 2017, Zuckerberg and Musk argued about this topic. During a Facebook broadcast, Zuckerberg said that AI in general is not a dangerous thing and that those who are against forcing the development of this technology are wrong. Musk, on the other hand, who has spoken publicly about the dangers of AI for years, tweeted in his Twitter account that Zuckerberg doesn’t understand the technology.
  • When it emerged in 2018 that Zuckerberg’s Facebook had shared with Cambridge Analytica the data of tens of millions of its users without their knowledge, Musk, in a Twitter contest to remove accounts on the banned Zuckerberg social network, deleted the Tesla and SpaceX pages on it. Even years later, Musk expresses skepticism about the social network: “It gives me the creeps”.
  • In 2021 Musk continued to accuse Facebook of spying on users.
  • In April this year in an interview with Fox host Carlson Tucker, Musk criticized Zuckerberg for spending $400 million on the “Go and Vote” campaign aimed at encouraging people in the United States to vote in elections. Musk believes the campaign was a front to fund the Democratic Party. The Twitter owner called his opponent “Zuck the Fourteenth”, alluding to the French King Louis XIV, known for his arrogance and power. According to Musk, Zuckerberg is engaged in censorship and opposes freedom of speech.
  • Musk also drew attention to a Wall Street Journal investigation in early June that accused Instagram of distributing pedophile content. The article stated that Instagram had a network of accounts designed to find and buy child pornography. “Extremely disturbing,” Musk commented.

Musk’s mother and father

The media idyll over the likely fight was also broken by Musk’s mother. May Musk wrote on Twitter, “I actually canceled the fight, but I haven’t told them yet. But I will continue to say the fight is canceled, just in case….” She offered, “the fight is just lip service.” “Whoever turns out to be funnier wins.” Musk reacted to his mother’s message with a smiley face.

Musk-vs-Zuckerberg Mom

The father of Twitter owner Errol Musk also spoke out against his fight with Zuckerberg.

“The thing is, if this crazy fight happens and if Ilon beats this guy, he will be called a bully. After all, Ilon is much heavier and taller. At the same time, if he loses, the humiliation will be complete.

For Ilon, it’s a no-win situation. He will lose if he wins the fight, and he will lose if he loses. I think Ilon is in a difficult situation because of his behavior in high school. They are similar in that,” The US Sun quoted Errol Musk as saying.

Comments from professionals

UFC head Dan White told the media that Musk and Zuckerberg are serious about fighting in Las Vegas, despite all the skepticism surrounding the event. He expects it to be the highest-profile fight in history, which will be at least three times more popular than the Mayweather-McGregor bout in 2017. The head of the UFC estimates that an event of this magnitude could raise hundreds of millions of dollars, which, of course, would go to charity.

“Look, if these guys are serious, I put on fights that people want to see. That’s what I do for a living. If they really want to do it and they’re serious, we can figure out a way to make it happen. It’s going to be the biggest fight in the history of the world, bigger than anything that ever happened. It’s going to break all the PPV records. These guys have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for charity. You don’t have to be a fight fan to be interested in this fight. Everybody would like to see it,” stated White.

Current and former UFC fighters are not left out either.

Jon Jones, for example, is ready to spar with Mark Zuckerberg: “You already know that I’m on Mark’s team. If you need a training partner, I’m ready.”

Charles Oliveira is also on board: “Hey, Mark, let’s train together, kid. Get ready and join in. I’m going to Vegas, and we can train together.”

Musk also has two fighters on his side so far, Jorge Masvidal and Sean Strickland, but of course the scale is not comparable to Jones.

“Elon Musk, looks like we have our work cut out for us,” Masvidal wrote.

And Strickland also explained the reason why he’s in Musk’s camp: “Screw Mark. Dirty commie. Nobody wants his nonsense that gives misinformation. Elon Musk, come to Vegas and we’ll get to work.”

Meanwhile, Michael Chiesa figures out the UFC 300 tournament card and writes that we’ll see Musk and Zuckerberg, Tyson Fury versus Jones and Chandler versus McGregor there. Now that’s a really luxurious bunch.

It is clear that even Dana White’s statements do not guarantee that Musk and Zuckerberg will definitely meet in the Octagon, but it became clear that this case goes beyond the usual trash-talk. Even bookmaker’s lines for this fight have already appeared, and Zuckerberg, by the way, is the clear favorite. Of course, the explanation is simple: both his age and his victories in jiu-jitsu tournaments suggest certain things.

By the way, Dana White isn’t quite right about everyone wanting to see this fight. At least against Ilon Musk’s mom: “No kidding. The fight is in words only. In armchairs. Four feet apart. Whoever is funnier will win.”

But Musk himself, by all appearances, is not going to listen to his mother and intends to get to the octagon. It is also noteworthy that Dana White has already estimated the approximate cost of PPV at the tournament with participation of billionaires – it will be $100 instead of the usual $80, and he is going to give the profit to charity. That’s noble.

After this fight, everyone will be in the black. The UFC is already light years ahead of all the other promotions, and this will fly into space. Zuckerberg and Musk have always liked to be active in the media field and they will promote themselves even more and provide a spectacle for the fans at the same time.

Update 28.06.2023 | A game based on the battle between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg has been created

Canadian studio Blue Wizard has released a game Zuck v Musk, in which billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg fight in the ring. It is reported by the portal PCMag.

2D game is available free for PC users in the web version, that is, to run it does not need to download anything. It is noted that this is a modified game WrestleBros. from the same studio, from which all the participants were cut and added Mark Zuckerberg and Ilon Musk.

The game includes two modes – single player and multiplayer, in which you can fight against friends. Zuck v Musk gameplay allows you to strike with your fist, elbow or kick your opponent. The only controls are the left-right movement buttons (A and D), jump (W), block (S) and tap (space bar).

The game is available in the browser when you go to also on mobile devices with on-screen touch controls.

Update 30.06.2023 | The fight could take place in the Roman Colosseum

An Italian government official contacted the head of Meta (recognized as extremist and banned in Russia) Mark Zuckerberg about organizing a fight with Tesla and SpaceX founder Ilon Musk at the Rome Coliseum. It is reported by TMZ Sports, citing a source.

According to the news portal, Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini has contacted Zuckerberg about organizing what is likely “the biggest fight in the history of the world.”

According to TMZ Sports sources, both entrepreneurs would like the fight to take place in the Coliseum. It is specified that Zuckerberg’s representatives told UFC president Dane White, whose people, in turn, contacted the Italian minister.

Musk reacted on Twitter to the information about the fight being held in Rome.

“There is a chance the fight will take place in the Colosseum,” the billionaire wrote.


Elon versus Mark : fighters’ data

Indicator/fighterElon MuskMark Zuckerberg
NationalSouth AfricaAmerican
Jiu Jitsu

Voting: who will win if the fight takes place?

Wer wird gewinnen, wenn der Kampf stattfindet?
Elon Musk
Mark Zuckerberg
Voted: 10

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