Winings in Retro Tapes

Several streamers in recent days managed to win the maximum win (maxwin) in Retro Tapes slot at VAVADA Casino.
First, streamer AZ314 caught maxwin at 7 rubles and for joy blew the head off a cardboard figure of the once popular singer with Yegor Krid’s mouth. (Unfortunately, the video is unavailable because apparently he got his channel demolished).

And then the streamer under the nickname ChaiSlimonoM shared his maxvin, but not as emotionally.
After all, age and experience make themselves felt.

And the third streamer on maxvin in the same Retro Tapes slot was a streamer named Booster.
All of these events took place within three days. Will VAVADA casino be able to keep the pace of issuing victories? Time will tell.

Retro Tapes VAVADA