Spring Skirmish Tournament by Aviatrix

Aviatrix Bet has announced a contest «Spring Skirmish» with a prize pool of 500,000 euros for Aviatrix game.

The Spring Skirmish tournament is your chance to prove you’re the best Aviatrix player.

You don’t want to miss out because there’s a big prize pool of €500,000 to be won.

Sign up now and take part all spring, from March to May!

Timing of the tournament

The tournament will be held from 01.03.2023 to 31.05.2023

Tournament mechanics

  • The points in the tournament are based on the total amount of bets.
  • Each bet will give the player points equal to the sum of the bets.
  • The points will be summed up and displayed in the tournament table.

Stages of the tournament

  • Determination of winners and distribution of cash prizes will take place daily at 22:00 MSK and will consist of two phases.
  • During the first phase, only 25% of the NFT airplanes that wagered in the Aviatrix game will be randomly selected.
  • The probability of hitting the 25% will depend on the amount of bets a player has placed with their NFT aircraft in the last 24 hours. The greater the amount, the greater the chance of winning.
  • For the period of each tournament, the minimum turnover (minimum bet) provided by one of the planes equals one chance (ticket).
  • The chances of all other participating planes are proportional to this minimum turnover. For example, if among all participants of a one-day tournament one participant made a bet of 0.50 EUR, that would be his minimal turnover, i.e. one ticket (chance). If he staked 100 EUR during the tournament, the number of his tickets will be 200, i.e. the probability that the participant will get in 25 % of the winners of the first stage is considerably increased.
  • After passing to the second stage, all the participants will get the winnings, the sum of which will depend on the total gaming experience of the participant (the total sum of the bets).
  • The more the plane has in-game experience, the greater will be its monetary reward.

Terms and Conditions

  • The promotion runs from 01/03/2023 to 31/05/2023.
  • The promotion includes 91 one-day tournaments with a total prize fund of 500 000 EUR. Winners of the promotion can be users of any site that has hosted the Aviatrix Spring Skirmish promotion.
  • Single day tournaments will be held every day from March 1, 2023 to May 31, 2023.
  • The promotion includes bets placed in the Aviatrix game.
  • There is no minimum bet amount to participate in the promotion.
  • Each bet will earn the player points equal to the amount of the bet. The points will be totalled and displayed in the standings.
  • The tournament table will be displayed on the Aviatrix interface and updated in real time.
  • If several participants have the same number of points in the tournament table, the highest position will be taken by the participant who gained points before others.
  • For participation in the action one user can use only one game account. If the double accounts of one user are found, the bets from such accounts won’t be taken into consideration when summarizing the results of the promotion.
  • Only the bets that were placed from the main account of the participant take part in the promotion. Bets made from the Bonus account shall not be taken into account in the promotion.
  • Aviatrix has the right to withdraw or modify this offer without giving any reason or prior notice.

Source : https://latestcasinobonuses.me/

Participate in the contest and play Aviatrix

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