For several years, the Internet and social networks are buzzing with news about schemes to make money with the help of crash games – casino slots with unusual game mechanics, which makes the player think that he has control over the situation, and thanks to this he can consistently receive winnings. And if the winnings are stable, what is it but earning ?
Let’s understand this topic and put the nail in the coffin of the belief that casino games = earnings.

What is Aviator ?

Aviator is a popular online gambling game based on a simple concept: an airplane takes off and the multiplier increases as it flies higher and higher. The player’s task is to cash out before the airplane flies off the screen, and their winnings are determined by the multiplier at the time of cashing out.
The game is easy to learn and use, but it can be surprisingly addictive. The excitement of watching the plane fly higher and higher, and the anticipation of whether or not you will cash out in time, is what keeps players coming back again and again.

Aviator scam or not ?

A little bit about gambling

Aviator is an online gambling game. What is gambling ? It is entertainment for adults who are aware that it is entertainment.
Gambling brings income to the creator of the game at the expense of losing players.
This is known to everyone.

Is gambling a source of income ? Definitely, for the creator of the game – YES.
For the player – NO.

BUT. Gambling is based on random number algorithms that allow you to win in them.
What does that mean?
It means that the creator of the game wants to receive a stable income.

How do you make it happen? By the regularity of the game.
How do you make sure that players play the game of chance regularly? Make them aware of the possibility of winning in gambling.

What is the probability of winning in gambling? Always different (from game to game), but it is never (if we do not take into account fraudulent schemes, we will talk about them further) is not equal to zero.
That is, conditionally, having collected losses from 5 players it can be taken by the sixth. Can you be that sixth player? Naturally.

Is it possible to predict that you will be the lucky one who will be the one who will take the winnings ? NO.

From an economic point of view, any game that does not bring income to its creator is unprofitable and eventually he will be ruined. You don’t believe that by creating a game he will let you ruin yourself, do you?

Gambling from a psychological perspective

Gamblers and ludomaniacs – what is the difference ?

Not all players who gamble are unhealthy in terms of psychology.
The most important difference between a healthy gambler and ludomana (a person extremely dependent on gambling, believing that it is in his power guaranteed to win), is that he adequately perceives gambling as entertainment – he is willing to allocate a certain amount of money to get in return positive / negative emotions and this is where his relationship with gambling ends.

Remember childhood and amusement parks – you go with your parents to ride rides to get emotions of different spectrum, and you have no expectation that the cashier of the carousel at the end of the session will give you the money of all the people that rode with you. It’s the same with gambling. It’s the same amusement park. Only for grown-up people.
So what is winning, you ask? It’s just a tool to attract players, nothing more. Part of marketing, advertising, an event that will be talked about and spread through various channels of information dissemination. And the casino, an honest casino, pays for this tool regularly. Because if there are no winnings, there will be no players.

Naturally, a win, especially a big one, is a significant bonus in the game. And a certain part of the people, having received it, to dispose of at their discretion outside the casino.
But such people are few. Most will want to try their luck again, relying on chance, on “what if I get lucky again”, on “what if I can win more” and other hooks and loops of our mind, which, hooked on the dopamine needle caused by a big win, will push you in the direction of the game.

Ludomana’s attitude to gambling becomes the meaning of his life and the main and only source of income. Not just earnings. And the opportunity to get a large amount of money in a short period of time and without much effort. This idea absorbs him so much that he does not see reasonable arguments, both from his own brain and from others trying to get him out of this addiction.

Causes of gambling addiction

  • Confidence in winning. Many players try to outsmart the system. Addicts look for schemes and algorithms on the Internet and test the effectiveness. Only after complete bankruptcy, a person realizes that it is impossible to gain financial independence by playing games.
  • Habit. Many children from birth see their parents playing cards in the evenings. As they get older, adults allow the little ones to join in the game. When the child grows up, it is difficult for him to imagine life without gambling.
  • Pressure. Parents often scold children for unimportant financial situation. The younger generation does not find the right way and begins to earn money in dubious ways.
  • Envy. A rich environment pressures a person and forces him to earn by any means. Games are the easiest and most accessible method for young people.
  • Harmful habits. A tendency to drug or alcohol addiction increases the risk of game addiction.
  • Depression. People with unstable psyche do not know how to control themselves and give in to provocations.

Several factors can occur, as well as one of the above.
If you have the ability to reflect, have found one or more signs that influence and aggravate your game addiction, do not hurry to get upset. See a therapist if necessary.

What’s the problem?

The main problem that has been observed in recent years, with the development and lowering the cost of using mobile Internet even where it was not before (countries in Africa, remote areas of developing countries on all continents) is an unfair way to attract new players in casinos.

And such slots with a new, completely non-standard game mechanics, such as Aviator, Lucky Jet only exacerbated this situation.

So, the main problem is that unscrupulous casinos and those who are engaged in their advertising on the Internet (advertising agencies, famous bloggers, streamers, singers with their mouths, sereblyadi, affiliate managers, etc.) use the psychological technique of substitution of concepts (gaslihting), when one thing is given for something else.

For example, you see a crocodile in front of you, but they try to convince you that it is an elephant. Moreover, they make special programs on this topic, blogs, give arguments, do it regularly, and also say that if you believe that it is really an elephant, your life will change dramatically for the better. And at some point, even if at the beginning you thought you were being deceived, you start to believe that it is really an elephant.

The same analogy can prove to you that white is black and vice versa.

So, as far as our games are concerned, dishonest people are telling you – friend, this is not entertainment or a merry-go-round ride.
This is a real opportunity to make money. All the time. A lot. A lot.
Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? We are all human beings, we all have weaknesses that try to be pushed in this way.

Someone has a difficult situation in life and wants to solve their current financial problems in this way, and someone just wants to get rich instantly and not have to go to that disgusting office with those hateful coworkers day after day, year after year. It’s different for everybody.

Well here they are trying to sell you a merry-go-round ride for your own money, as an incredible way that the cashier after every ride you take on a merry-go-round full of people just like you will on a regular basis give you even more than you paid for the ride ticket.

Did you introduce the owner of the merry-go-round? He has spent money on it, paid rent, advertising, pays the cashier’s salary and other employees to keep the carousel spinning day in and day out and bringing him money. Thanks to you, as the person bringing him his money. And you are not listed in this economic model as an expense item.
So what makes you think that you will be paid money at an amusement park if you go there to ride and not to work as a cashier?

Some ways to cheat

There are several ways to cheat players who are led to believe that their winnings can become as regular as sunrise. Let’s break down just a few of them, which have a large number of variations and combinations.
Whatever the winnings may look like in your eyes, if you are told that they are 100%, you can immediately determine that they are trying to cheat you out of your money.

  1. Various applications, mostly on the Android platform, with names like : Aviator Predictor, Aviator Manipulator, Lucky Jet Calculator so on. There is a full article on our website dedicated to these applications (read it here), which are tools to extort money for selling them in the best case, and leaking your data to third parties with the subsequent consequences of scamming your funds in your bank accounts or funds in cryptocurrency in the worst case. Also, your leaked data can be used to register fake accounts in crypto exchanges, other services and launder illegally obtained funds. The consequences of such operations with your data can only be guessed.
  2. Various closed channels in messengers and social networks, selling access to information that guarantees you a stable earn on hacking algorithms casinos, servers and so on.
  3. Mirrors copied from the original casinos. So-called mirrors – alternative addresses of online casinos, the original addresses of which can be banned in certain geo for violating the law and the lack of an official license are used by scammers to create sites that mimic the original brands. Such sites are not real and workable. The only goal is to get your credit card details, force you to make a deposit or, using the card details, illegally withdraw all your funds from it.

These are just the most popular schemes in recent times, which the Internet is full of, attracting more and more gamblers who believe that they can earn. There are, of course, many more, social engineering knows no bounds, so you need to be alert to offers of quick and easy money online, especially when you have a predisposition to gambling addiction.

So is the Aviator scam or not ?

From the point of view of the legal field Aviator is an original gambling game. And there is no scam in it.
Another thing that you are presented this game and its like, as a way of guaranteed enrichment and earnings, which is not.
Hence the loss of money, the frustration, the anger, the conclusion that you were cheated, not because you believed the switch, but because the game itself is a cheat.
It is entertainment for money. Like the carousel at the amusement park in your childhood. You simply believed at some point that the cashier would give you money on the way out.

How to protect yourself and reduce the risk of losing funds?

  1. Don’t gamble. Especially if you know you have addictive tendencies. There are still a lot of entertainments in the world that allow you to experience emotions. Look around.
  2. If you gamble, do it consciously – spend only what you can afford to spend on entertainment without the hope of any return.
  3. Do not take out loans for gambling or for wagering in the game. You will lose this money too.
  4. If you realize that you cannot stop, close the game, delete applications, ask casino support to delete your account.
  5. If you cannot cope on your own, seek help from your loved ones or a specialist.
  6. If possible, use a separate virtual bank card, account, or account in the payment system to play in the casino. If you lose access to them, this will not affect all other areas of your life.
  7. Create a separate email and/or a separate mobile phone number. If you lose access to them, this will not affect all other areas of your life.
  8. Before registering at an online casino, find out whether it is licensed, the current address of the casino, read reviews, reviews of the casino and look at the ratings.
  9. Go through verification – in original, licensed online casinos, identity verification is required to withdraw (deposit) funds. Yes, fraudulent sites can beat this stage, be careful (see previous point)
  10. Do not try to win back if you have lost a large amount. Pause the game if you can’t give it up completely.

We hope that this article has shed some light on how social engineering techniques are used, and this will protect you from losing money. Good luck!

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